Campaigning Over the Summer Can Be A Picnic

The primaries are over. The general election is months away. The TV ads have stopped running for now. 
It’s summertime, and the real campaign doesn’t start until after Labor Day. Right? Well, at least that’s
how campaigns have been run. But running an old-school style campaign leaves a powerful tool
on the table.

While it’s tempting to take a vacation with the rest of the country,candidates would be missing an
excellent opportunity to build their relationship with their supporters.

In the summer, people are getting outside - away from the TV, away from the radio. But what does
everyone have with them — at the park, at the lake, out camping, visiting a national park, or checking in
on a family reunion? Everyone has their phone, and they’ll be checking in with Facebook. Don’t miss that opportunity to build your relationship with your friends and supporters.

Old school ads and mailers are expensive. Most down ticket candidates cannot send more than one or two (and those can get lost in the deluge of mailers for the ‘big ticket’ races), and they may not have the
money to advertise. Those mailers have limited space and its important to stick to 3 bullet points and have that studio photo. And radio and TV ads — you’ve got 30 seconds. So these communications are stiff and formal. Sending a mailer or producing an ad, it’s all business. While it gets the candidate’s
name in front of a certain percentage of voters, mailers and ads cannot build a relationship.

It’s no wonder old-school campaigns shut down over the summer.

Social platforms, such as Facebook, have changed the game. They’ve also changed expectations. Digital media has created an expectation among its users. They want to feel connected. They want a relationship with the brands, companies or people they follow. Another benefit to building an online presence that
connects with people, it builds loyalty and can be an essential tool to activate supporters. Finding
volunteers, mobilizing voters for early voting or election day, and even getting donations are made easier
when a candidate has taken the time to interact with their supporters. And since it’s so affordable, your
communication doesn’t have to be picture perfect. Photos from a softball game, family picnic or BBQ are great ways to connect because it’s the same activities everyone else is doing.

So don’t take a vacation from your campaign. Use the summer months to build a more personal
relationship with supporters. That will pay off come November.

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