We’ve been making a case as to why and how digital marketing can help a candidate during the campaign. We've included reasons such as it is reasonably priced, results are measurable, and indisputably, there is large audience on social media.

However, there is something more public office holders should consider. Social media provides the tools to continue the conversation with their supporters between election cycles. Why is that important? As we’ve highlighted before, digital consumers desire an authentic connection to the brands they support.  That includes their elected officials. 

Can you think of anything less real than only connecting when you need something?

Let’s face it, we all know that ‘friend’ only heard from when they need money for their good cause or to borrow a pick-up to move their sofa, and oh, by the way, how about helping to carry it down those 3 flights of narrow stairs. Eventually, those calls for help go unanswered.

In the past, the time and costs to stay in regular contact with the larger masses of constituents were prohibitive, so it wasn’t expected. But social media has changed the face of those relationships. The explosion of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have revolutionized how people connect with each other and with organizations. 

Connections are personal and guided by the interests of those involved in the conversation. People want to know they are cared for, that their opinions matter. In short, they want value in exchange for their support.

Successful businesses have taken note and adapted. Their communication strategies have changed from just answering inquiries from customers to actively engaging them and building relationships and loyalty. And in exchange, those businesses' bottom line has improved. Because of those successes, consumers expect authentic connections with whom they do business.

The impact of quality digital marketing isn't isolated to Main Street. Name a more crucial relationship than with an official representing them and their views? It’s no longer out of the question to maintain an ongoing conversation about the issues being considered by the legislature outside the election cycle.

The days a candidate can disappear after winning and reappear with a postcard and an ad or two in the weeks leading up to election day and expect to be successful are slipping away.

What are you doing to re-examine and expand your communication strategy? 

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