Benefits of Using Digital to Run a Campaign

No matter how you feel about him, President Trump is driving the conversation. His unconventional approach isn’t always pretty, but it draws everyone’s attention.

I find it amusing that Trump’s approach is similar to what Mark Zuckerberg told Business Insider the initial motto at Facebook was, “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

I’m not sure either Trump or Zuckerberg would welcome the comparison having vastly different philosophies, but they both have their share of moving fast and breaking things under their belts. And you can’t argue that both have been wildly successful.

Another similarity is their belief in the power of social media to reach people and win hearts and minds. President Trump’s 2016 digital director, Brad Parscale told 60 Minutes, "Twitter is how he talked to the people. Facebook was going to be how he won.” So it should come as no surprise that Parscale has been tapped to run not just the digital but the whole Trump campaign in 2020.

In selecting Mr. Parscale to be the Campaign Manager, President Trump once again has broken with conventional wisdom in favor of new approach. The promotion of Parscale, while bold, makes perfect sense when considering most federal campaigns do the majority of their voter contact online. And we’ve talked before about the Pew Research study findings of how often adults are on Facebook and those using it as their source for news.

Digital marketing strategists can see the results of a candidate’s efforts to reach voters in realtime. What’s exciting is good digital strategy isn’t limited to big budget national campaigns, local races have access to the same tools as the national campaigns. The other great news, an effective digital strategy is cost effective and measurable. For the price of a mailing (that usually ends up in the trash), a candidate’s information can be available 24/7.

President Trump is breaking the conventional wisdom in choosing digital first. He knows it’s a winning strategy.

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