My email box lit up earlier this week with two emails from different candidates in a primary race.T he first candidate was trumpeting a victory in an online poll. The second candidate was
encouraging their supporters to vote in the same survey.

What a great illustration of how email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective tools for acandidate to connect with their supporters!

Both candidates quickly reached out to their base of supporters - both in appreciation and
requesting action. Email offers a great way to communicate with a short turn around time.
Let’s look at the stats. 91% of people use email. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why an
effective email campaign is critical. Email is the quickest and most affordable way to reach a
large audience with your message.

Frankly, emails’ cost effectiveness is one of the best reasons to be using it as part of an overall
communication strategy. It takes very little money to get started, and the benefits are almost

1) Get supporters involved. Email communication is a great way to connect regularly with
followers. Encouraging supporters to talk about your campaign and share with friends is a
perfect momentum builder. Talking points from a recent speech, a short video or good candid
pictures are useful for making the candidate approachable and authentic.
2) Targeted marketing. Information gathered with an email can give the campaign insight into
issues that interest their supporters. Even if a campaign only collects location information,
building a crowd of supporters for an event or parade is more convenient if you can directly
appeal to people in the correct area.
3) Show appreciation. A candidate depends on voters. Elections are a numbers game. A candidate needs more than just their friends and family voting to end up on the right side of the numbers after the polls close. The best way to build a loyal group of supporters is to let them know how much their support means and how they are playing a key role to get a victory.
4) Raising money. This use is a bit trickier. Anyone have one of those friends you only hear fromwhen they need something? It's no more effective when the only time a candidate contacts their supporters is when they need money. This is again why email is such a natural method to connect with voters, so when the expected ask comes it’s not out of the blue. Additionally, the supporter has already received attention and information from the candidate before being asked to pitch in financially.

Enthusiasm is contagious and can sway momentum. Authentic relationships create passion.
And relationships depend on frequent communication to form a stable foundation.
Social media and email have provided cost-effective methods for campaigns to communicate
frequently with supporters. Campaigns thrive on an energized group of supporters. They are the people who will show up and vote. That is the poll result that matters.

Candidates need to invest in a sound communication strategy that uses multiple channels to
connect with supporters and potential supporters. The plan must include social media and email if a candidate is to have any hope on election day.

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