On January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced sweeping changes to Facebook’s method of
determining what content readers see in their News Feed. Businesses and marketers are wringing their hands.

Is the sky falling?

The short answer — it depends.

The changes to Facebook’s News Feed will reward content that encourages response from the reader. Can you think of any group that prompts responses and expressing opinions more then politics? Candidates and office holders have an opportunity and a responsibility to create forums for the exchange of ideas. Facebook is a perfect platform for the modern soapbox. While it’s true that political debate can get ugly, there is also a vast opportunity to have a reasoned response.

Giving people an idea or issue to vote for instead will be the best way to move past this toxic period in politics. Quality content will not only win over Facebook’s algorithm, but it can also win over voters.

Of course, the most important job for a candidate or officeholder is not to know what the higher-ups at Facebook are cooking up for the platform. A candidate’s vision needs to be broader.

Here’s the truth, Facebook is a fluid changing platform. This latest change designed to improve the News Feed will not be the last. Staying on top of these changes and how to optimize then to your benefit can seem overwhelming.

In considering how best to speak to their customers, a business owner depends on the marketing team to formulate their message that represents the company’s interests.

Likewise, candidates should be more strategic in the use of their time.

A successful candidate knows they must surround themselves with specialists who can support and implement the candidate’s vision. Having a digital strategist and marketer whose specialty is how to optimize Facebook is a necessity.

2018 will be a watershed year for digital marketing and politics. Political prognosticators have unequivocally said that if a candidate doesn’t embrace digital marketing methods, they will be outside the room where it happens come November.

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Next week: It’s a brave new world, how to manage your online reputation.